Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sadie's First Parade!

So, I have to apologize up front about the lack of pictures. I didn't bring my camera to the parade for a few reasons:

1) I kinda assumed Sadie would be in the carrier the whole time.

2) I wasn't sure what the parade would be like, if it would even be picture-worthy.

3) I didn't know if it would be weird for me to be taking pictures, if it was a photography-friendly environment.

I know these aren't really excuses, because I could have just brought the camera and not taken it out. But anyway.

"Karneval" here isn't really family-friendly like Mardi Gras in New Orleans. There is really only one parade for kids, and then the rest is basically like Bourbon Street. So the day after we got back from Wuerzburg, we took Sadie to the kid's parade.

Most kids and their parents were wearing costumes. I wish I had thought to bring Sadie's but again, I thought she would be in the carrier the whole time and her costume is too bulky to fit in there with her. We did end up taking her out; I assumed she would try to run into the parade but it turns out she wanted to stay with us because everything was a bit overwhelming to her. When the first float came by, and things were thrown, she freaked out a little bit, but she got used to it pretty quickly and seemed to enjoy looking at everything.

I was standing a little in front of Hunter, so when she wanted to be adventurous she would get me to hold her and then when she wanted to feel safe she would have Hunter hold her. It was really cute just watching her take everything in.

The kinds of things they throw are different from Mardi Gras throws, in that it was almost all edible. Like, we saw someone throwing a loaf of bread! We mostly got candy, as well as a 500g package of Lebkuchen (which is basically like gingerbread). There were a few bands in the parade, but nothing like the ones in New Orleans. Hunter said the parade could probably compete with Krewe de Lul, which I obviously have never seen, but yeah, there wasn't the same extravagance of floats or anything.

It was an enjoyable afternoon, and I really hope next year we can take her to New Orleans Mardi Gras.*

*Neutral Ground side 4LYFE!!

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