Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

Here is where I give more Sadie updates and also ask for some help/suggestions. Not going to guarantee I take any of them, but could be nice to hear from parents who have gone through it before.

Basically, since she's gotten home, Sadie does not like to sleep in her crib, or pretty much anywhere that isn't in direct contact with Hunter or I. The way our crib works, it sits right up next to our bed and there is a canvas you can unzip so she's essentially right next to me (or Hunter, depending on who is sleeping next to her that night). But even this isn't really good enough for her. Pretty much the second you take her out and hold her, she falls immediately asleep but the instant you try to put her back in the crib she wakes up.

Wearing the onesie I made

When it's Hunter's turn to be up with her, he'll hold her, walk her around, whatever she needs to be calm and asleep. I have been trying to keep her in the crib and just stay awake as long as she does. I don't mind if she's awake as long as she isn't crying too much, since Hunter needs to get up in the morning. I'll keep my hand or something next to her so she knows I'm there.

Looking at the camera with eyes open!

Last night, she was really fussy, doing this screaming cry that I hadn't heard before. I think she had gas, but she also calmed down a lot when someone held her. So I decided to let her sleep in the bed next to me, where she (and I!) slept a lot better than we had previous nights. I really didn't want to do co-sleeping, because I don't want to end up with a 5 year old, or really even a 3 year old, thinking it's ok to sleep in our bed all the time. But then I'm thinking, this little baby doesn't know any better and we can't communicate that to her. How hard can it be to put our foot (feet) down once she becomes capable of understanding that she has her own bed?

Playing dress-up

So this is where I'm asking for help. Do we keep letting her sleep in the bed? Is this something we will come to regret? Obviously right now it's easier to have a baby who can actually sleep. However at what point do we start breaking the habit? At what point does it become nearly impossible to break? I love sleeping with this little baby next to me but I have to think about what's best for her and us in the future. So please, if anyone has ANY opinions/experience please share!

Right after her first bath

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  1. You are getting to know her needs. If it is comfortable for you to sleep with her, then I say do it. You will definitely be able to help her transition to her own space when she is older. Right now she wants and needs the contact with you and is certainly not able to manipulate or anything like that. You really can't spoil an infant :)